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In 2015 we will honour the 900th anniversary of the founding of St Mary’s. The 800th anniversary was marked in the dark days of 1915 with an organ recital.

We would dearly love to have our new organ playing a major part in the 2015 celebrations.
A New Organ for St Mary's

Please help us now to preserve our church
 and its organ for future generations

St Mary’s current organ is almost 150 years old, and nearing the end of its life. Much rebuilt in the 20th century, its pipes are collapsing, electrical components failing, and its Victorian tonal qualities have been lost.
Parts of it are held together with string!

Music is an integral part of worship at St Mary’s, and members of our congregation say this is an important reason for their attendance.

So, we need to do something about it.

Music is an integral part of worship in the Anglican liturgy.  The combination of organ, choir and congregational singing is at the heart of the main services in St Mary’s.

Relatively few parish churches have retained robed choirs;
St Mary’s choir is thriving, as is the recently-established supplementary group of Occasional Singers, who sing when the choir has a much-deserved day off.

Past congregations have cared for and preserved St Mary’s for our community today - we should do the same for future generations.

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