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St Mary's Survey 2017 - planning for the future

In 2015 we celebrated the 900th anniversary of the dedication of St Mary’s Church, which has stood at the heart of Merton throughout those centuries. 

While all the land around our church and the society we live in may have changed beyond recognition, the purpose of this ancient building and of those who worship there remains the same: to be a witness to Christian faith in our locality, and to serve the people of our community.

Having looked back with gratitude to our foundation, St Mary’s is now planning for the future. We want to respond to the needs not just of our congregation but also of everyone in the wider parish community.

Over the coming months we will be embarking on a “listening project” and we want to hear what your honest opinions are of St Mary’s. 
  • What do you expect of your parish church?
  • How can we best serve the community?
  • How can we communicate better with you?
  • What are we already doing well? 
  • How can we do that better? 
  • What are we doing less well? 
  • Is there anything new we should do? 
  • Maybe there are some things we don’t need to do anymore? 
  • Would you like to help?
There will be opportunities particularly aimed at those of us who worship at St Mary’s, but of course open to all, to discuss these and other questions at various events to be held over the next few months, including at our regular services held on 14th May.

However, like all Anglican parish churches, St Mary’s does not belong just to those who attend regularly, but to all who live in our parish, so we want to hear from everyone who has a view to express.

Please tell us what you think. We have prepared a short and simple survey - it would be great if you could spare a few minutes to complete it.

After we have listened to everyone, in the autumn the Parochial Church Council will formulate an action plan for the next year.  With your help, we hope that this will start us on a process that will give direction to our work at St Mary’s and reinvigorate our relationship with the community we serve.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to email your comments, send them to

Thank you!

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