Published on Sat, 20 Nov 2021 00:00

Booking is no longer required for any of our services, except all our Christmas Services from 6.30pm on 19th December onwards.

For these services only, social distancing between households will be reduced to 1m. Booking forms for these will be sent out on Friday 10 December, so please keep an eye out for the subscriber email reminder - to subscribe please complete this form. Those not able to book online, please call the Parish Office on 020 8542 1760. 

At all other services, we expect to continue with our 2m distance, as numbers allow.

To help keep us all safe, we need to continue to keep the church well-ventilated during services over the coming months, so please dress accordingly. 

We also emphasise the importance of vaccinations, boosters, mask wearing, social distancing, regular hand washing/use of hand sanitiser, ventilation and use of lateral flow tests. 

Our online worship continues on our website each week, and text copies are available in the church porch for those not online

Painting of St Mary's by Hugh Adair Lynch 

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